A Cardify Virtual Card is all you'll ever need. Watch How.

Spend your card efficiently across several platforms.

Pay for monthly subscriptions to services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Netflix etc.

A Cardify Card is all you'll ever need.

Fund your Cardify Card seamlessly with Fiat and Stablecoins. Here's how
Fund your Cardify Dollar Card directly with Naira.
Leverage your stablecoins in a card that actually works.
Spend with your Virtual Card immediately after creating the card.

Fund your Dollar Cards with your Cardify Naira wallet

Funding your NGN wallet is simple, using your Naira balance to create and recharge your Cardify dollar cards is even simpler.

Stablecoins funding options

Leveraging your digital wallet balances has never been stellar.

Cardify Dollar Cards can be funded or recharged directly with your digital wallet.

Bye Bye to card limitations

Pay for monthly subscriptions to services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Netflix, as well as shopping at your preferred retailers like ASOS and Amazon.

Zero Extra Charges

When using your card, you never have to be concerned about any costs or fees. Simply create a card for free and use your Fiat or Stablecoin balance to fund.

Organize Your Spendings

Create up to 5 separate cards to help you keep track of your spending on various activities including shopping, subscriptions, advertising, and more.

How Cardify Cards Work

Top-up your Cardify NGN or USD wallet.
Create a new card or fund an existing card using any of your Cardify wallets.
Use your Cardify card to checkout on various platforms where card checkout is accepted.


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As funding your Cardify wallet is a prerequisite to creating or funding your Cardify card, here are three easy steps to funding your Cardify wallets

a. Fund your Cardify NGN wallet by depositing Naira directly to the unique account generated when you click deposit on your Cardify NGN wallet or Fund your wallet through peerstack by Cardify.

b. Fund your Cardify USD wallet by depositing Bitcoin or USDT or BUSD through the unique wallet address generated when you click on deposit on your Cardify USD Wallet.

2. Proceed to your click Cards under system in the left menu, click create new card, Choose your preferred funding wallet, read to accept the terms and conditions then proceed.

3. Your card gets created and funded, you could also fund your card at anytime by clicking on the card, then choosing the 'fund card' option to proceed. You are now ready to use your card seamlessly.

You can enter any amount to fund a new Cardify card with. So long, it is within your daily, weekly or monthly funding limits. You should also take note of the following:

1. The minimum amount to fund a new Cardify card is 5usd.

2. When unloading a Cardify Card, your card must always have a balance of 1usd.

Your Cardify card funding limit is based on the type of card you want to fund.

1. Cardify Basic Card: 10,000usd daily funding limit
2. Cardify Standard Card: 20,000usd daily funding limit
3. Cardify Premium Card: 30,000usd daily funding limit

Your Cardify card spending limit is divided into daily, weekly and monthly spending benchmarks.

Cardify Basic Card

•Daily spending limit - $10,000
•Weekly spending limit - $50,000
•Monthly spending limit - $100,000

Cardify Card is available to Level 2 verified Cardify users.


Basic Dollar Virtual Card

Minimum Funding Amount
Daily Spending Limit
10,000 USD
Weekly Spending Limit
50,000 USD
Monthly Spending Limit
50,000 USD
Daily Funding Limit
10,000 USD

Basic Dollar Physical Card

Coming soon
Coming Soon