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Making Online Payments Easily

Create and Fund Dollar Cards with NGN & USDT

Easiest way to spend online with NGN & USDT✨ Pay subscriptions with USD card ✨ Online bills with our dollar cards Store checkouts with Cardify ✨ Refer an active friend and get earn 200NGN ✨✨ Spend internationally with USD card ✨

Create and fund 💳 a USD card with 💼 NGN or USDT or Paxful or Binancepay wallet make payments on online stores, checkouts etc. 🤯 🤩

Frequently Asked Questions.
Some of most frequently asked questions.

Cardify Virtual Cards are a feature offered by Cardify Africa, allowing users to create virtual debit cards for seamless international online payments. These virtual cards can be generated using funds from your NGN or USD wallets. They come in two types: the basic dollar card (Mastercard) and the standard dollar card (Visa). These cards enable you to make purchases at online checkouts where debit cards are accepted.

Funding your Cardify Virtual Cards is easy and convenient. You can leverage the funds in your NGN or USD wallets to create and load your virtual debit cards. This means you can allocate a specific amount of money from your existing wallets to your virtual cards, allowing you to have a dedicated balance for online transactions.

You can fund your virtual debit cards using your NGN or USD wallets (USDT, BUSD, Binancepay and other options) within the Cardify Africa platform. This enables you to convert and allocate funds as needed for your cards which is turn used for your online purchases.